RYFC Football Lab is bringing you innovative Dad and Me program. Parents, you now have a direct role in your toddler’s sport development. Don’t miss this opportunity to be on the field with your little superstar while they take their first soccer steps.

This 45 minute interactive soccer program allows children to participate in an age appropriate setting targeted at improving self-confidence, self-esteem, decision making, physical development and overall technique.

The goal of Dad & Me: “Lead by Example”. To teach children and parents alike the importance of learning through encouragement and play.

Dad & Me provides a safe and familiar environment that encourages an easy transition into our Tiny Tots program. Moms, this is not only for dads, so gear up we want to see you on the field.

Yes parents, you will be on the field so come dressed to play. Remember parents, you too can have a ton of soccer fun. This super fun class will be supervised and led by our creative and experienced coaching staff.


Session Schedule For This Program

# of weeks
Dad & Me returns Fall 20212-39:00-9:50am4