Improve your confidence on the ball. Learn to control the ball in high pressure situations. This program is suitable for boys and girls aged 8-13.

This program is focused on the “finishing touch” of a player and all skills related to touch on the ball. The program will break down the mechanical body preparation position when coming into contact with the ball. Training will target each of the body part areas that come into contact with the ball. The ability to control the ball in motion and in high pressure situations, and a player’s ability to be creative with the ball will be a major component from week 1 to week 4.

This session is solely focused on teaching technical skills to the individual player and is NOT based on team tactics. Let’s inspire each player to have an abundance of confidence on the ball and a REAL deep root love for the game from a technical perspective.

This is a small group class – spots fill up fast so don’t delay, register to secure your place now!

Program Goals:

  • Understanding the body in motion with the ball

  • Individual skill development through repetition

  • Look the part (how a player looks on and off the ball)


  • Localized touch on the ball in motion through repetition and practical progression

  • Receiving high, mid and ground balls

  • Dribbling vertically and laterally

  • Finishing in the final third


Players must be mature and serious to benefit from this program. The environment of the President’s Group Private Training demands that player display a higher level of focus and mental preparation.


Session Schedule For This Program

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