Royal York FC is now offering Skills Clinics. Each of these clinics are designed with FAST TRACKING in mind. Every sessions will focus only on one important technical topic for 4 weeks. These highly focused Skill Specific Clinics will accelerate the technical development of each player. Use these FAST TRACKING sessions as supplementary classes to your overall player development soccer programs.

Our skills clinics are co-ed and suitable for boys and girls in age groups 5-6 and 7-9.

Dribbling Clinic

Dribbling is how soccer players transition the ball from one end of the field to another, weave in and out of the defence, and have a chance at scoring a goal. Speed, balance, endurance, agility, and body control are essential factors in making a player successful in dribbling. Dribbling requires players to have great footwork, control over the ball at all times, and the ability to quickly change directions. The idea is for a player’s dribbling skills to become second nature, so when the time arises they naturally perform the necessary move for that particular situation.

Topics: Pull Back, Turn, Stop and Go, Shoulder Feint, Inside Foot, Outside Foot, Step Overs, Cruyff Turn, Zidane Roulette, Matthews Feint, Pivot and etc.

Passing Clinic

90% of the beautiful game is consisted of passing, so if a players can’t pass properly they won’t be successful. This clinic aims to develop controlled passing on the field.

Topics: Communication, Proper Pass Execution, Weight of the Pass, Passing Accuracy, Disguised Pass, Driven Pass

Shooting Clinic

Topics: Instinct, Shooting Accuracy, Control and Direction, Power Shooting, Body Position and Composure


Session Schedule For This Program

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