Royal York FC will offer specialized Skills Clinics. These specialized Soccer Clinic’s will run for 45 each week throughout the year. The clinics will isolate and focus on on a specific technical skill that is an essential part of the game. With repetition, each player registered in these player centric clinic sessions will improve their overall technical skill ability. These highly focused Skill Specific Clinics will accelerate the technical development and confidence for each player.

Recommendation: Use these FAST TRACKING Clinic 45 sessions as supplementary classes to your overall player development soccer programs.

Clinic 45 – Dribble Fast, Dribble Past
This clinic is designed to prepare our youngest players for House League games. Focus is on learning how to dribble past players, how to dribble out of trouble on the pitch, and building confidence on the ball.
Clinic 45 – Ball Control & First Touch
It is often communicated that a player’s first touch is the most important touch when receiving the ball. A soccer player receives the ball more times than they dribble or shoot. A good first touch on the ball sets up a good dribble, a good pass, or a good shot.
All core ball control and first touch fundamentals will be taught in the Ball Control and First Touch Clinic 45.
Clinic 45 – Dribbling & FootSkills
Dribbling in soccer is one of the most fundamental skills that must be learned. It is important for players to know how to dribble well. Players will need to know how to dribble past players and how to dribble out of trouble on the pitch. To become a good dribbler or handle the ball players must practice dribbling as often as they can, using both feet. Our dribbling and foot skill clinic 45 session teaches and demonstrates various dribbling moves to help players in game situation.
Clinic 45 – Pass Accurately, Receive Good
If a player can’t pass and receive the ball accurately and effectively, they can’t play. This is how important passing and receiving is in soccer. Poor passing and poor receiving will result in constant turnover during the game. Crisp accurate passing and receiving is the name of the game. All players must become good at basic passing, driven passing, receive below and above knee, receive on the bounce etc, etc. Learn these important fundamentals in our Pass Accurately, Receive Good Clinic 45 class.
Clinic 45 – Pass, Receive, Shoot
This clinic emphasize passing, receiving on the move and finishing in the final third. The Pass, Receive, Shoot Clinic 45 will focus on weight of pass, receive on the turn, receive to pass and shoot, receive to shoot, receive to dribble and shoot. This clinic brings out accurate passing, receiving, movement and shooting on the run which is an important part of the game
Clinic 45 – Strike & Shoot
Having the ability to strike the ball accurately at net will set any player apart. Players will become confident shooters with proper instruction in various situations in and around the net. All players like to shoot and score. Strike & Shoot will teach the fundamentals of shooting and striking of the ball through repetition in a variety of situations.